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We would like to introduce ourselves as Consultation body operating actively in manufacturing and engineering set-ups and service Sector. We have the consultation experience in Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Chemical, Medical, Education Garments, Buying/Export houses, Food industries, Trading activities and other Engineering organizations. We believe in practical and sector specific guidance.

We assure you the best consultation experience and which will really add value to your organization working/system and inhence your product too.

Followings are the activities, which will be covered as part of above said system implementation program as per the following terms of reference :

S.No Activities Unit responsibility
01 Identification of current compliance and weaknesses Unit chief to coordinate with RSS Counselors
02 Appointment of Management Representative Unit chief will appoint a suitable person
03 System Awareness Training Program All departmental heads to attend the program
04 Identification of Current strength and weaknesses RSS Counselors will identify unit level requirements for QMS,.
05 Identification of Company specific Documents and Records as per Systems requirements Departmental level study is to be conducted
06 Finalization of Quality Policy and Objectives Unit chief shall approve the Quality policy and objective
07 Identification of procedures, SOP RSS Counselors will have unit level study and finalize the Procedures and unit chief and concerned personnel have to formally authorize and approve the procedures.
08 Completion of Manuals RSS  will establish manuals with help of unit chief and HODs
09 Completion of Systems procedures RSS  will establish Procedures with help of HODs
10 Completion of Work instructions RSS will establish WIs with help of HODs
11 System Implementation RSS will implement system identified with help of unit chief and HODs
12 Calibration Guidance RSS counselors guide on the calibration needs
13 House keeping improvement for Identification and Traceability To be implemented company wide
14 Internal Audit Training & Execution RSS counselor will guide and train internal auditor and others how to implement audit process
15 Corrective and Preventive actions guidance RSS  counselor will guide for CA / PA
16 Pre-certification audits RSS  will guide on pre-certification audit. All Housekeeping activities identified by RSS has to be implemented by the Unit chief
17 Certification Audit Support Unit chief will get the help at the time of certification from RSS counselor
18 Post Certification assistance RSS  Counselors will help the unit
19 Receipt of Certificate -

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